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Print error 016-799 - Fuji Xerox

016-799 Fuji Xerox print error code. That shows a description error as “Print instruction Fail detected in decomposer.”
The error code and error description are alien languages for users and even system administrators who are not familiar with Fuji Xerox error code.
The error code is quite simple and easy to fix, if the job print goes to the printer but print out doesn’t come out.
So, basically the print job was received by the printer, but the printer just doesn’t know what type of paper or what size to use or which tray to utilize for the print out.
In some instances, this is just a paper mismatch but the error description; if using Windows 10 to print does not exactly points to what is the issue.

First thing to check, is the paper size selected by the user to print.
Example, if the printer configuration is A3 and A4 sizes only.

But then the person printing the file accidentally chooses “A4 Cover” then this error 016-799 will occur.

It’s quite misleading “A4 Cover” and “A4” only, so …

How to print files without opening

How to print multiple files with opening them?

How to print multiple PDF files in one go?

Printing is an easy and straight forward task, but if you need to print a 100 or more files but time is a constraint then you have to think twice how to do it fast and easy.

Of course, open, click and print is the usual method of printing.

To print multiple files without opening them in Windows, just go to devices and printers.

Double click the printer and it will open a printer task window which shows what files are being printed.

In Windows 7 if you right click the printer name, click on "See What's Printing".

If you need to print in double side the printer has to be set before printing because it will just print automatically with the default settings.

This method works well for a Fuji Xerox printer, but it should also work with other brand of printer.

See screen shot below:

Cheers! Hope it helps to make things faster.

Till next time...

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Word VBA to set x and y chart values

How to set X and Y values in Word VBA chart?

How to set vertical and horizontal values for a Word chart using VBA?

Code below assumes that you already have the necessary code to generate the chart.

This code below will only show how to set the X and Y values for a chart using VBA in a Word document.

Here's the code:

'Set value for Y axis or Vertical value

With cht.Axes(xlValue)

   .MinimumScale = 0
   .MaximumScale = 35
   .MajorUnit = 5
   .MinorUnit = 0

End With

' Set value for X axis or Horizontal value

With cht.Axes(xlCategory)

   .MinimumScale = 0
   .MaximumScale = 25
    .MajorUnit = 5
   .MinorUnit = 0    

End With

Cheers! Till next time.

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VBA Word change graph data point width

If you have been playing with the chart in Word or Excel you might encountered that the point on the graph is quite small.
If you need to adjust the data point on Word graph, you have two options do it manually or simply automate it at runtime using a VBA code.
Assuming you have all the necessary parameters that creates the graph via VBA, and you just need to adjust the data point you can use the code below, the code below was tested using Word 2016. It may not apply to older versions but I think logic should stay the same.
cht.SeriesCollection(1).Format.Line.Weight = 9.75
To do it manually, click on the data point and right click on it and select “Format Data Point”, click the bucket icon and change the width value.

Here’s the screen shot using Word 2016:

For the sake of completeness, the code will be something like this:
Dim shp As Shape Dim cht As Chart  
Set shp = ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddChart(xlXYScatterLines)   Set cht = shp.Chart
Dim wb As Excel.Workbook Dim ws As Excel.Worksh…

How to rename a chart in Word 2016

Do you want to check what’s the name of the chart in Word 2016?
Or you just want to rename the chart in Word 2016 to a name, that the chart represents?
Word 2016 default chart name is in sequence, like Chart1, Chart2, Chart3 and it follows this pattern depending on how may charts you have at your document.

If you have multiple charts in a word document, and you want the chart name it to something meaningful or what the chart itself is all about; it’s quite easy and straight forward to rename a chart, but the way to rename it is not conventional as the previous way of doing it in other version of office.
You can rename the chart via VBA code or using the GUI in Word itself.
To rename or check the name of the chart in Word 2016 or O365.
Click on the chart:

After clicking the chart, the "Chart Tools" will open at the Ribbon.
Click the "Chart Tools"  at the ribbon. Click on the "Format" tab.
Under Format tab, click on "Selection Pane", this will op…

Powershell print pdf to a specific printer

How to print multiple pdf files in a folder?

How to send pdf printing to a selected or specified printer other than the default printer?

PowerShell code snippet below will  print all pdf files on a specified path or folder.

Change the variable or specify the printer in which the PDF files will be printed.

The script will get first whatever is the default printer and save the printer name to a variable.

After printing, you can either set the previous default printer.  Or set a new printer default. You can also set any specific printer of your choice.

This script works fine in Windows 10.

#Get the default printer and save to a variable
$DefPrinter=Get-WmiObject -Query " SELECT * FROM Win32_Printer WHERE Default=$true"
Write-Output $DefPrinter

#List all printers if you don't know the printer name
$xgetPrinters=Get-WmiObject -Query " SELECT * FROM Win32_Printer" | Select Name
Write-Output $xgetPrinters

#Set the default printer f…

Combine photos for printing

How to print double sided in Excel

VBA Duplex Printing in Excel 2010

In my previous post I have shown how to manually print duplex using Excel 2010.

Using VBA we can set the printer settings in duplex mode and print.

Microsoft engineers are kind enough to show some code on how we can achieve it.

The code sample on the links provided below is for Microsoft Word but it also works on Excel as well.

Here's the link: Set Duplex Printing via VBA

In the link above, there is an instruction on how to use the code.

Open Excel and click on Developer Tab. If Developer tab is not yet enable on your Excel.

The quick way to enter code is to right click on the name of the worksheet (like right click on "Sheet 1") and you will see "View Code".

Click on "View Code" and it will open up the Visual Basic editor.

The instruction on the Microsoft link above is to "Insert a Module".

Create or Insert a Module, then copy the code on the link above that starts with "Option Explicit

Public Type P…

How to print duplex on Excel 2010

To print two sided or duplex printing can be done on this steps below.

This will apply only if your printer supports duplex printing.

I tried printing only two worksheets in one A4 size paper.

It requires some few clicks to do duplex printing in Excel 2010.

There might be VBA tricks on how to do this automatically.

Here's what I have done.
Click on File select PrintUnder settings  choose "Print Entire Workbook"Under same settings click on "Print on Both Sides" (Flip Pages on long edge)If at this stage you click on  "Print", printout will be two pages.  So click on the right arrow below the print settings to select the other worksheet.Do same settings click on "Print on Both Sides" (Flip Pages on long edge)Now you can click on "Print" and the printout will be two sided on one paper. I never tried printing more than two worksheets, but I guess if you want to print multiple worksheets it has to been done manually using the same settin…