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Activate Windows from command line

How to activate Windows from command line?
If you have decided to convert an evaluation Windows server (Windows 2016 or other server version), or Windows 10 to a license Operating system then you need to replace the product key. You will need to change the product key and activate the system, in order to use the product outside of its evaluation period.
Assuming you have done the steps of converting the evaluation software and all the evaluation packages has been removed. Of course, if you have plenty of time in your hands and you just want to redo everything then you can just install or setup a new environment.
To activate a new product key from command line, first the product key must be installed and replaced the existing one. Second, activate the product key.
Here’s how to do it via command line:
a. slmgr /ipk windows-product-key-with-slashes
/ipk = installed product key windows-product-key-with-slashes – replace this with the actual windows product key
If everything goes well there will b…

Remove startup files in Windows 10

How to delete, remove the files or program during startup in Windows 10?

To disable the startup program in Windows 10, right click on the task bar choose the empty space and select task manager.

On the Window tabs, Processes, Performance, etc. click on "Startup".

Right click on the program you want to manage select "Disable" if you need to disable, or if you need to enable it again select "enable" of course.

There's also an option "Open File location"|, if you need to check the  exact location of the program or file.

If you need to add custom files to start-up folder, the path would be:

C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Or open run box, by pressing shortcut key Windows + R and on the run box type: shell:startup

This will open the startup folder path location stated above.

Till next time. Cheers!

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Hide the taskbar in Windows 10

Windows 10 update changes the way how to hide the taskbar.
The old way was the traditional way of hiding the taskbar just like in Windows XP, by right clicking on an empty taskbar and selecting “properties” and from the properties window there is an option to hide the taskbar automatically.
However, Windows 10 OSes that has  been updated, right clicking the empty taskbar does not show “properties” anymore.  Instead of clicking or finding properties, click on “settings” and on the settings Window, an option to hide the taskbar in desktop mode can be enabled or disabled.
See screens shot below, on how to do it:

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Check User SID

To check the SID for a user whose profile is not currently login using WMIC, type: wmic useraccount where (name="user007") Replace "user007" with the correct username to get the user SID.
The SID will be displayed for that particular user being queried. This will be useful if the profile for that particular user cannot be loaded or corrupted and need to identify the SID for the corrupt user profile.
Editing the registry for corrupt user profiles must edit the correct SID or else multiple issues might occur to the system.

To check the SID of a currently login user; just open a command prompt and type:
whoami /user
The command above will display the username and SID of the currently login user.
To check for FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name):

   whoami /fqdn
The FQDN is useful for System Administrator to check which OU (organizational unit) the user belongs to.

To check the UPN (user principal name):

   whoami /upn

UPN output will be shown like an email address, the use…

Download Windows 10 ISO

Ever want to download the ISO file for Windows 10 but keeps getting an error.
To download Windows 10, click on the link below and on Microsoft Webpage scroll down and click on "Download tool now". Click "Using the media creation tool" on how to use this tool.
Link to download Media creation tool:

Download the tool; once its downloaded the file name should be "Media Creation Tool".

ISO file is around 3GB so depending on your bandwidth it make take some time. If your bandwidth is not reliable use a browser that continue or resume the download, even though the connection was disconnected. Firefox supports this feature.
If the tool is executed at an elevated mode, you will receive an error like:

There was a problem running this tool
We're not sure what happened, but we're unable to run this tool on your PC. If you continue experiencing problems, reference the error code when contacting custome…

Sign out or set Windows 10 to sleep mode

How to sign out from Windows 10?
How to set Windows 10 to sleep mode?
Just right click on Windows 10 logo, select shutdown or sign out.
Then click in sign out or sleep or select other options provided.

To do it via command line check out this link:

See screen shot below:

Show interface IP Address in Windows 10

Commands below work in Windows 10, I think it will also work in Windows 2012.

Displaying or show IP Address in Windows is quite straight forward using ipconfig /all command.
The command has the /all parameter so it will display the IP Address of all the interfaces on the machine.
Display IP Address of a specific interface in Windows via command line using “netsh” tool.
To display the interface IP Address you need to get the interface name.
Typing the command below will show all the interface name and its state whether its connected or disconnected.
 netsh interface show interface
Sample output: Admin State    State          Type             Interface Name ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enabled        Connected      Dedicated        Ethernet Enabled        Connected      Dedicated        VMware Network Adapter VMnet1 Enabled        Connected      Dedicated        VMware Network Adapter VMnet8 Enabled        Connected      Dedicated        Wi-Fi …

Disable startup items in Windows 10

Disabling startup items in Windows 10 has changed from the conventional way of doing it.
Prior to Windows 10 you can navigate to program items and select the startup option. The registry option might still be the same but don’t mess up with the registry if you are not familiar with it.
In Windows 10 disabling startup items is part of the Task Manager option.
To launch task manager in Windows 10, right click on an empty space on the taskbar and select task manager.
Or press the ctrl+alt+del (press together) and click on task manager.
Another way to launch task manager is to use the windows run box. Press “windows key + r” together to launch run box and type “taskmgr” then press enter key or click the “OK” button. (See  screen shot below for the run box)

On Task Manager Window select the “Startup” tab and select the item you want to disable. Right click on the program and click on disable or select the disable button at the bottom of the window.
If the “disable” option is grayed out o…

Change product key in Windows 10

How to change product key in Windows 10?
Microsoft has provided an easy way of changing the product key in Windows 10 by launching an executable file via command line.
Open command prompt, press together the Windows Key + R key to open run box.
On run box, type "cmd" (don't include the quotes) and press enter or click the ok button.
If the user account is not running with administrative privileges, system will prompt to enter the username and password for the account with admin rights.
If the user account has admin rights, the command prompt window will open.
On command prompt environment type: changepk and press enter
Changepk.exe is a shortcut name for change product key.
A window will open to enter or change the windows product key.
See screen shot below for an example:

Cheers..Hope it helps.. 

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Quickly access command prompt or control panel in Windows 10

How to launch or access command prompt, control panel and programs and features in Windows 10?

Microsoft provides a quick easy on how to do this.

To launch "Programs and Features",  "Disk Management" and elevated command prompt can also be quickly access using the method below.

On a laptop or desktop PC with Windows 10, right click on the windows logo, or the windows start button and a pop up menu is shown. See screen shot below:

The windows run box is also part of the menu which provides quick access to run or open programs.

Windows run box provides quick access to most of the programs if you are familiar with the application name.

For example to launch Microsoft paint brush you can easily launch it from the run box by typing "pbrush" (don't include the quotes when typing).  Or to run word type "winword",

If you have been using snip to capture images on your screen, you can also launch it using the run box by typing: snippingtool

To quickl…

Log off or switch user account in Windows 10

How to log off, lock or switch user account in Windows 10?

Log off is now called sign out in Windows 10.

And switch user account cannot be found in Windows 10, all you need to do is click on the user account that is available on the start menu.

If you cannot find any other user account, then you might need to create another account if you need it. Multiple user account is good if there are multiple users on the laptop or computer, or simply you just need to separate your files or prefer to have another account with less clutter of icons on desktop.

See screen shot below, just click on the user account just below the sign out option and Windows will automatically switch to that user account.

Press the Windows  icon to open the start menu and other tiles options.

Just a quick tips on windows 10. Cheers. Hope it helps.


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