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Windows export firewall policy

Use netsh in Windows 7 to export firewall policy using command line.

Open an elevated command prompt and type the netshell command below.

netsh advfirewall export d:\myfirewall.txt

If everything works fine it will display "Ok."

It's exported using a filename with ".txt" extension, but the output is not readable using any text editor.

You can save the file to a USB drive as a backup or import the firewall policy to another computer.

To import the exported firewall policy use this command:

netsh advfirewall import d:\myfirewall.txt

Just replace the word export with "import" and specified the path location of the file.

A very simple way to export firewall policies.

If you want to dig further check out Technet link below:

If you don't like doing it using command line, exporting firewall policy can also be done using GUI.

Open "Windows Firewall with Advance Security" and loo…

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