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PowerShell check network adapters error

How to check network adapters for error?
How to whether network device is working properly?
How to diagnose specific errors in network adapters?

How to check whether network device driver registry is corrupted?

To all of the questions above, PowerShell will come to the rescue.
In Windows Task Scheduler the only thing you want to see 0X0, which basically means operation has completed successfully. Other than 0X0 means something went wrong and needs to hone your troubleshooting skills.
For network adapters it goes the same way as well. PowerShell script below reads the Windows 
Configuration Manager error code and display specific errors for network adapters issue.
Below is the table from MSDN that shows values for Windows Configuration Manager errors.
MSDN link:
Windows Configuration Manager error code. Value Meaning 0 (0x0) Device is working properly. 1 (0x1) Device is not configured correctly. 2 (0x2) Windows cann…

PowerShell check disconnected NICs

How to check network interface card that are disconnected?

How to check which network adapter is disconnected or not functioning?
This would be useful to check if the network cable has been unplugged accidentally.

This code snippet below will help to troubleshoot network connectivity issues. If the network cable is faulty or other network issues that causes the media to be disconnected.
Or network interface card that has been disconnected due to a router or switch issue.
The script below will show any NICs that has the status of disconnection and will display the NIC interface name that is disconnected.
If the server has multiple interfaces script will count all the interfaces that are disconnected. If  need to check for disabled devices change the value to 5, for devices that has malfunction set the value to 6.
To dig further more check out this link from MSDN:
Hardware Disabled (5) Hardware Malfunction (6)

Unable to connect wireless network

Wireless or Wi-Fi not working

Wireless connection or Wi-Fi connection gives easy convenience for moving Laptop computers inside the house or even in the office without losing internet connection.

If there are two or more Laptop computers and one of them is not able to connect to the internet or wireless connection, then for this kind of scenario the wireless router is working properly. Since other Laptop computers is able to connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

But if all of the wireless devices or laptop computers are not able to connect to the internet then it can be roll out that the router itself is having issues.

Troubleshooting wireless router is beyond the scope of this topic.

How to check or troubleshoot wireless connection issues?

Windows has a built-in wizard that will help to troubleshoot or check wireless issues.

A basic step to troubleshoot Wi-Fi or wireless connection if not working is to check:

- check if the wireless driver is installed properly or check whether the wireless device is disa…

Unable to install Teamviewer on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Installing Teamviewer on Windows 7 and Windows 8, has an error message of “rollback framework could not be initialized, installation aborted”.
To resolve this issue login to an administrator user account.
Go to an elevated command prompt and enable the hidden admin account.

Click on the link below, to check on how to open an elevated command prompt using Windows 7.

To open an elevated command prompt in Windows 10 check out link below:

Type:  net user administrator /active:yes
If the command prompt is not elevated you will receive this error:
System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied.
However if the command is successful, it will show:
The command completed successfully.