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Windows 7 Temporary Internet File Location

Temporary Internet File Location

Maybe you have been using your laptop or desktop for years and never ever bother to check  temp folders.

And it will only come to your attention to finding the temp folder when the hard disk is running out of space...

Does it sounds familiar?...

In Windows 7 finding the Temporary Internet Files folder isn't quite straight forward as Windows XP..

Using the "environment variables" as it is called, that is used most commonly in a batch file. (don't bother about those terminologies) our focus is to find and check the temp folder.

Using the environment variable %temp% will save some few clicks to find the temporary internet files folder.

Press Windows + R, type "%temp% on the run window (don't include the quotes).

After clicking "OK", the temp folder will open.

If you haven't clean your temp folder, you will see a lot of files on it. You can delete all of it if you want to, those are just files used temporarily by th…