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GIMP start a new path or selection

Start a new path when creating lines in GIMP.
How to create lines in GIMP?
Select the pencil tool from the toolbox, make sure the foreground color is not the same with the background color or else the line will be invisible.
If you need to specify a brush select the "brush" that you want to use to create the line.
Press and hold the "shift key" then select or click the start point.
Click the second point (while still holding the shift key) and a line will be drawn. Release the "shift key".
If you want to draw again a new line, press "shift key" but you will notice that the line will be connected to the last point that the line was drawn.
This will happen if you didn't "double click" on the last point that the line was drawn.
Even if you press "esc" key it will still continue from the old point or the new line is still connected to the end of the line that was previously drawn. Or if you’re doing a selection the new area…

Android R cannot be resolved to a variable

What works for me to solve this issue is to edit Android Manifest XML and the project properties.

In Android Manifest set the target version to the latest version:

        android:targetSdkVersion="23" />

In Project Properties set also the latest version:

# Project target.

This will work if the Android project has successfully run before but due to the latest version update of Android Studio software, the "Android R cannot be resolve to a variable" error is shown. Google wants you to set your project compatible to the newest Android version.

Cheers..Hope it helps.. :)

How to launch windows fax and scan

Some old scanners that are still working should be plug and play in newer operating system.
In Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, drivers for old scanners should be detected automatically by Windows OS.
If the driver cannot be installed or found by Windows OS, then its need to get an updated driver from the vendor’s website.
But if the driver is installed by Windows OS successfully, then the Windows Fax and Scan can be used to operate the device.
To scan in Windows, launch Windows Fax and Scan.
It can be launch using the command prompt by typing, “wfs” and press enter.
Or it can be run using the Windows “run” box. Check screen shots below.

On Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 it can be launch using the search button.

Type "scan" and Windows will match any program that has the filename scan.

 See screen shot below:

Click on "Windows Fax and Scan" to launch or open.

On Windows Fax and scan, click on “New Scan” to start scanning.
Default location of scanned pictures for W…

Unable to print word 2010 document

Assuming the printer is setup properly, and able to print from PDF, notepad or other software and also able to print from printer driver test page.
But when printing a specific word document in Word 2010, it will just show "Not responding" the document will hang and will not print.
There is no restriction set on the document but cannot print.
Try steps below:

Click on the "File" tab, click on the "Review" menu.
From the "Review" tab, select "tracking" change the option from:
"Final: Show Markup" to "Final".

Check image below:

Save the document or save it to a different file name.
And try printing again, if everything goes right the document will be able to print.
Paper tray settings will also cause a problem with printing the document.

Documents from another party that retain printer settings on the document will not print if the printer of the other party does not have same settings on what is currently retain on …

Android R not generated

Ever encountered why Android R is not generated?
One quick solution is to delete the “gen” folder hoping, that it will be generated again since the folder is auto generated. But it works sometimes.. 
But if Android will not auto generate the R and problem will be not washed away.
And after deletion the problem still exists, and even after cleaning the project.
So now what?
If the XML in the "res" folder, such as the "layout" XML and "drawables" XML (drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi etc..) if the XML has errors on any of these folders, it will cause R not to be generated.
If the XML are all okay and still R is not generated. 
Then open the drawables folder, if any of the PNG or any images its filenames has to be in lower case and filenames should only contain lower case letters and numbers.
So images on the drawable folders which has Upper Case letters will cause the R not to be generated.
File names of images on the drawable folder which has symbols will also cause …

How to open a text file in Excel?

Excel can read and open text files.

Excel, Word or any text editing software can read, open any text file.

When opening the file on Excel, formatting will be an issue.

If text file values or data need to arrange by columns or by rows, then it could be daunting to import the file to Excel.

But if the text file is properly formatted, like values are separated by tab, comma or other symbols to segregate values or basically any delimiter characters Excel will open the text file as CSV or comma separated values without any issue.

If the text file exported from a program that has delimiters or any text file separated by delimiters then importing process to Excel will be easier.

Values will be separated based on the delimiters detected on the file.

If the file delimiter is a "tab" character or tab-delimited text file, values or data will be separated based on "tab" spacing.

"tab" refers to the actual tab, which correspond to number of spaces.
Word &quo…

Pick a color in windows paintbrush

Paintbrush is a handy tool to edit or create simple graphics.
How to pick a color using paintbrush?

Paintbrush comes with a "color picker" tool to choose color from an image.
The concept use in paintbrush is the same method use on other graphic software such as awesome freeware software like and GIMP.

So start using simple editing techniques with Windows Paintbrush, and same techniques will be used on other advance graphic tools.
1.To start Paintbrush in Windows 7, type “pbrush” without quotes on the search box and click on “pbrush” from the search result. See image below:

Another way of to open is to click on “All Programs”, click on “Accessories” then select “Paint” and click on it. See image below:

“Color Picker” tool will come handy, if you have an existing picture or image and need to use the same color on other images or text; if color branding is quite important or if you just want to re-use the same color.
To open paintbrush in Windows 8, on the start menu ju…

Unable to install Teamviewer on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Installing Teamviewer on Windows 7 and Windows 8, has an error message of “rollback framework could not be initialized, installation aborted”.
To resolve this issue login to an administrator user account.
Go to an elevated command prompt and enable the hidden admin account.

Click on the link below, to check on how to open an elevated command prompt using Windows 7.

To open an elevated command prompt in Windows 10 check out link below:

Type:  net user administrator /active:yes
If the command prompt is not elevated you will receive this error:
System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied.
However if the command is successful, it will show:
The command completed successfully.