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Quick way of listing all Active Directory Domain Accounts

Listing all Active Directory Domain Accounts using WMIC

By using WMIC you can get all the AD domain accounts very quickly.

WMIC is an acronym for Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line

Here's how we do it.

Just open a command prompt, no need to be an elevated command prompt.

At C prompt type:

C:\>wmic /node:domain_name /output:d:\usr.txt "useraccount" get

Change output drive to any drive you want the output to be exported.

Note that the word "USERACCOUNT" has no space, it is  one word.

After exporting the file.

Open the text or the output file using Excel.

Open Excel, press Control+O then the open Window will show.

I'm using Excel 2010, so go to All Files and select "Text Files".

Follow the on screen instruction and click on "Finish".

Then you will be able to see all the "Domain User Accounts", "SIDs", "Description", "Lock Out Status" and other details.

Please check sample below on how t…