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Outlook does not display picture

Have you received an email saying please find the picture below, but the picture is on the attachment not on the body of email.

Or sending out a nice an beautiful layout of graphics hoping to impress a colleague or client only to find out that the the graphics doesn't display correctly in Outlook or either in the mobile phone.

HTML Tables has been a big help for web designers or developers before the CSS era or other good platforms at this time.

Well, if picture is not displaying properly in Outlook or mobile phone. Embedding or inserting the picture in a Table, seems to be a good quick solution in inserting pictures via Outlook and it will display properly in mobile phone also.

When composing email in Outlook, click on the Insert option and click on insert table. If sending two pictures, you can insert a two rows or two columns and insert the picture on each row or column.

After sending out the email, check the email in Outlook or mobile phone and if everything goes okay the pic…

Reset or refresh Firefox

Deleting profiles on user appdata folder  is not able to reset or refresh Firefox in a Windows OS, even a new re-installation will not help also.
So how to refresh Firefox like it was a first installation?

Well, it’s quite simple and straight forward resetting Firefox like resetting a device to its factor settings.
Open Firefox, click on “Help”. If “Help” menu does not appear on the menu bar, press “Alt” key on the keyboard so the menu bar will display.
Click on “Help”, then  click on “Troubleshooting Information” then click on “Refresh Firefox”.
See screen shot below:

After clicking on “Refresh Firefox”, all settings, add-ons will be completely gone.
This process is very useful, if you experience nasty or unwanted toolbars, websites keeping popping up out of nowhere, if you do this process it will solve the issue.
But if for some reason by doing this process, unwanted websites are still opening as new tabs. Then it could be some other issues, you will need a malware or anti-virus t…