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IPV4 Address - Subnetting Tutorial

IPV4 Address

IPV4 Address is 32bit.
IPV4 has public and private IP Address.
Public IP Addresses is routable over the internet.
Private IP Addresses as it names implies is private,  which is basically for private use and is not routable over the internet. Use by private companies or private individuals.
Logically, private IP just goes with the saying. What happens in LA stays in LA. Likewise a private IP Address if it use at home then that IP Address stays at home. It won’t even go out to the neighbor, unless you have a Wifi and the neighbor crack your Wifi or wireless password, then that’s an exemption.

Private IP Address Classes and Range
Class A – Class B – Class C –

IPV4 is 32 bit or four octets, each octet  is separated by dot or period.

Example of an IPV4 Address, if you count the number of x it’s  32 x’es.
xxx xxxx . xxxx xxxx . xxxx xxxx . xxxx xxx
Since IPV4 is  32 bit, so it is compose of  32 bi…