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How to launch windows fax and scan

Some old scanners that are still working should be plug and play in newer operating system.
In Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, drivers for old scanners should be detected automatically by Windows OS.
If the driver cannot be installed or found by Windows OS, then its need to get an updated driver from the vendor’s website.
But if the driver is installed by Windows OS successfully, then the Windows Fax and Scan can be used to operate the device.
To scan in Windows, launch Windows Fax and Scan.
It can be launch using the command prompt by typing, “wfs” and press enter.
Or it can be run using the Windows “run” box. Check screen shots below.

On Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 it can be launch using the search button.

Type "scan" and Windows will match any program that has the filename scan.

 See screen shot below:

Click on "Windows Fax and Scan" to launch or open.

On Windows Fax and scan, click on “New Scan” to start scanning.
Default location of scanned pictures for W…

Basic network monitoring tools

Basic network, monitoring tools and troubleshooting on Windows.
For those who have just embark on the field of Information Technology and even for those who are eager to learn on how to troubleshoot or do some network basic monitoring, Windows  has a lot of built in command to do this basic tasks.
In a small office or even in a large environment, there will always come a time that you will be disconnected to the internet  or even at your own home.
Basic or let's say common problem is unable to print, unable to connect to network share, unable to connect to "Facebook", or unable to connect to Google to find some programming code. Basically cannot connect to any websites on the internet and other things that user should do at home but love to do it at work.
Before we discuss on how to use those basic tools, let's define and discuss about two important and basic configuration on a local computer or workstation.
In every computer or workstation that is connected to the i…