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How to use or configure rclone?

A quick tutorial on how to use Rclone.
Rclone is a good tool that is cross platform can be used on Windows or Linux.
Rclone can be used to sync and copy to AWS, Google drive and other cloud services.
To start using rclone it must be configured.
Typing: rclone config
Rclone config command will bring out the menu to config rclone. (see image below)

For example, if you need to configure rclone to connect to AWS S3.
Select “n” which means new remote.
Then type the name of the remote connection, which later can be used when syncing or copying files.  See image example below:

There will be some few questions after typing the name, just follow the on-screen questions and configured it for S3 settings.
Once the settings have been placed, rclone is now ready to sync or copy.
Rclone sync as stated on the manual, that the source and destination will be the same even if it means deleting files on the destination. Basically, the destination will be mirrored to the source, whatever is not on the …