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Hide the taskbar in Windows 10

Windows 10 update changes the way how to hide the taskbar.
The old way was the traditional way of hiding the taskbar just like in Windows XP, by right clicking on an empty taskbar and selecting “properties” and from the properties window there is an option to hide the taskbar automatically.
However, Windows 10 OSes that has  been updated, right clicking the empty taskbar does not show “properties” anymore.  Instead of clicking or finding properties, click on “settings” and on the settings Window, an option to hide the taskbar in desktop mode can be enabled or disabled.
See screens shot below, on how to do it:

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GIMP start a new path or selection

Start a new path when creating lines in GIMP.
How to create lines in GIMP?
Select the pencil tool from the toolbox, make sure the foreground color is not the same with the background color or else the line will be invisible.
If you need to specify a brush select the "brush" that you want to use to create the line.
Press and hold the "shift key" then select or click the start point.
Click the second point (while still holding the shift key) and a line will be drawn. Release the "shift key".
If you want to draw again a new line, press "shift key" but you will notice that the line will be connected to the last point that the line was drawn.
This will happen if you didn't "double click" on the last point that the line was drawn.
Even if you press "esc" key it will still continue from the old point or the new line is still connected to the end of the line that was previously drawn. Or if you’re doing a selection the new area…

Android R cannot be resolved to a variable

What works for me to solve this issue is to edit Android Manifest XML and the project properties.

In Android Manifest set the target version to the latest version:

        android:targetSdkVersion="23" />

In Project Properties set also the latest version:

# Project target.

This will work if the Android project has successfully run before but due to the latest version update of Android Studio software, the "Android R cannot be resolve to a variable" error is shown. Google wants you to set your project compatible to the newest Android version.

Cheers..Hope it helps.. :)

Find XLSTART path using Excel VBA

Get or find default path for XLSTART.

Sub Find_XLSTART()

Dim Str_XLSTART As String

Str_XLSTART=  Application.StartupPath

Msgbox Str_XLSTART

End Sub

Message box will show the XLSTART path on the computer, copy and paste the path to windows explorer and press enter.

Android R not generated

Ever encountered why Android R is not generated?
One quick solution is to delete the “gen” folder hoping, that it will be generated again since the folder is auto generated. But it works sometimes.. 
But if Android will not auto generate the R and problem will be not washed away.
And after deletion the problem still exists, and even after cleaning the project.
So now what?
If the XML in the "res" folder, such as the "layout" XML and "drawables" XML (drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi etc..) if the XML has errors on any of these folders, it will cause R not to be generated.
If the XML are all okay and still R is not generated. 
Then open the drawables folder, if any of the PNG or any images its filenames has to be in lower case and filenames should only contain lower case letters and numbers.
So images on the drawable folders which has Upper Case letters will cause the R not to be generated.
File names of images on the drawable folder which has symbols will also cause …

Optimize PNG Files

How to optimize PNG files before publishing to Google Play?

PNG optimization removes unnecessary metadata thus, reducing the file size of the PNG file.

Iconography in Android recommends to optimize PNG files, which can be found on this link.

OptiPNG is a free software that can do the task to optimize PNG files, OptiPNG can be downloaded on this link.

OptiPNG is a tool that runs on the command line.

At command line type: Optipng without any parameters to display the options in using the tool.

Or type: optipng -h

To to optimize a single PNG file, type: optipng my_icon.png

OptiPNG  will optimize my_icon.png.

That command will come handy when optimizing two or three PNG files.

When your developing an android applications and there are lot of PNG files that need to be optimized, it will not be ideal to type one by one every single PNG file.

Since OptiPNG is a command line tool, batch file script would be the best choice to automate the process if you're running Windows OS.

Here's …

How to recite the Rosary?

Recite the Rosary every day.

Do A.S.A.P. > Always Say A Prayer

Say the Rosary every day, and we will be closer to Mary's son Jesus Christ.
As Padre Pio quoted that the, "Rosary is The Weapon".
St. Francis de Sales said the greatest method of praying IS-Pray the Rosary.
"The Rosary is a treasure of graces" - Pope Paul V
"The Rosary is the scourge of the devil" - Pope Adrian VI

Reciting the Rosary has always been a part of my Catholic life.
Pray and ask for help, for He has said "Apart from me you can do nothing."

If  you need a guide on how to recite the Rosary:
Please check out the Rosary guide on Google Play store on the link below:
The Rosary Android app guide is free.
Recite the Rosary every day or much better as often as your time allows.
Pray for poor sinners around the world.
As a Catholic or as a Christian, Miracles are easy to believe.
A quote from the movie of Saint Bernad…

Mobile App Prayer companion

Why need to recite the Rosary everyday? check out link below:

Amidst the daily toils and hard work.

It's always a good thing to get down to your knees and pray.

A true prayer delights the heart and gladdens the soul.

Do not believe only what the eyes of your body tell you. What is not seen is here more truly seen, for what is seen belongs to time, but what is not seen belongs to eternity.
Saint Ambrose

The Christian life is the continuation and completion of the life  of Christ in us. We should be many Christs here on earth, continuing his life and his words, labouring and suffering in a holy and divine manner in the Spirit of Jesus.
Saint John Eudes

You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working. In just the same way you learn to love by loving.
Saint Francis de Sales

Divine Mercy Chaplet Guide:

Heaven's Dew Fa…

PowerShell File Path Too Long

Striving hard to work on files and folders whose paths are too long in PowerShell?

Well, it’s not hard anymore it can easily be done on PowerShell.
With the master piece of Johan Delimon, the Delimon.Win32.I​O Library (V4.0) is of very great help.
The file can be downloaded on TechNet gallery on this link below:
Download the file and install it.

And with this piece of snippet code, accessing long path exceeding 260 characters or more is not a problem.

This code snippet below will read the files on a path which exceeds the path limitation.

#Load the  DLL to PowerShell [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFile("C:\Program Files\Delimon\Delimon.Win32.IO\Delimon.Win32.IO.dll")

#Access the method or the function of the DLL to read the files
#Note: Line below has to be in one line

 $xstr = $xstr =[Delimon.Win32.IO.Directory]::GetFiles("\\servername\very very long path exceed…

Unable to install Teamviewer on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Installing Teamviewer on Windows 7 and Windows 8, has an error message of “rollback framework could not be initialized, installation aborted”.
To resolve this issue login to an administrator user account.
Go to an elevated command prompt and enable the hidden admin account.

Click on the link below, to check on how to open an elevated command prompt using Windows 7.

To open an elevated command prompt in Windows 10 check out link below:

Type:  net user administrator /active:yes
If the command prompt is not elevated you will receive this error:
System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied.
However if the command is successful, it will show:
The command completed successfully.

Powershell Code Snippet to list all sub folders and its modified date

Code snippet below is able to get the folder names and its modified date and write the output to a text file.

I used this piece of code to get hundreds of subfolders in a shared folder and Powershell did a really nice job, the script just runs in a few seconds and able to get the list of the folder and it’s modified date.

The reason I made this piece code is for folder archiving purposes.

To check one by one a hundreds of folders is not just practical. Unless you really have a nice reason to do it.

To check which folder is being currently used or which folder has never been accessed for a couple of years.

This piece of Powershell code snippet below can do the job.

To run Powershell script, most of the sites will recommend to get a self-signed certificate and modify Powershell settings to trust self-signed cert.

I did run this piece of code without generating a self –signed certificate.

Powershell has a GUI interface in which you can run the code, without any hassle of configuring …