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SQL Express database backup restore failed

Database backup is a good strategy but knowing that you can rely on your backup when you needed it most is another story.
When doing backup one way to ensure that backup is okay, is seeing the message that the database backup  was successful like this image below.

But upon restoring the said backup that was successfully done, during the database restore; the system now is showing that a damage was detected, and the system is showing restore failed.
So, technically unable to restore the “.bak” file.
Restoring the backup can be done using the graphical interface or using T-SQL commands to restore the database.
But none of it will work, no matter how many times you tried, if some unforeseen issues will occur or for whatever reason the system and the sys-ad is just having a bad day.
An error of Restore failed for sever (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended) and also shows VERIFY DATABASE is terminating abnormally, keeps showing every time you restore the database.
The database backup was succ…