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Hyper-V VM does not respond to ping

Virtual Machine within the Hyper-V is not responding to ping, firewall could be blocking the response.

Open an elevated command prompt, type the command below:

   netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8

After typing this try to ping the IP Address of the VM it should respond to ping request.

If still doesn't work, make sure no other third party software installed on the VM that could be overriding the windows firewall.

Convert Windows to Virtual Machines

How to convert old servers or PC to a virtual machine?
SysInternal provides a free tool to convert Windows OS to virtual machines, in quick and easy way.
If you don't have budget to but a new hardware or a new OS that supports Microsoft Hyper-V.
Then make use of Microsoft Virtual PC.
Disk2vhd v2.01 is a tool to create a virtual machine and save it as VHD.
VHD file can be run using Microsoft Virtual PC or Hyper-V.
If you have old machines or servers that is not under maintenance and we all know that one way or another machines will go south.
While the machines or servers are still running or you're still given a chance to save them.
Disk2vhd is a cool tool, to save old machines and when time comes that there life will be over.
Then you can just plug in the VHD and run it. Dis2vhd is able to convert the OS to VM's while the system is online. Downtime will not be a concern.
Conversion time will depend on the hardware and system performance and the number of partitions that a…