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Samba set or change user password

Set, update or change a user password in Samba.

If domain admin or user password that is set on samba needs to be updated.

Open terminal then update using the command below:

   smbpasswd -a

    smbpasswd -a administrator

After pressing enter, type the password twice to validate and confirm the password.

If the user name or admin password has been updated on the Windows Active Directory, then the Samba password has to be updated as well.

If the samba password is not updated then the client from the windows environment authenticating to samba will not be able to connect to samba shares.

To dig more about smbpasswd check out link below:

-a This option specifies that the username following should be added to the local smbpasswd file, with the new password typed (type for the old password). This option is ignored if the username following already exists in the smbpasswd file and it is treated like a regular change password comm…

Ubuntu Calendar

I was mingling with my virtual box with Ubuntu installed.
I found this calendar quite interesting and impressive.
I don't know whether this can be viewed  via GUI, nevertheless it is still interesting since the data can be viewed using the terminal window with just the simple cat command.
Here's the path:
Open a terminal and browse to the path above. cd /usr/share/calendar
Here's some of the calendar available, it's not a complete list.
View the calendar contents by typing the command below:
Sample output from
01/17     Justice Dept. begins IBM anti-trust suit, 1969 (drops it, January 8, 1982)
01/24     DG Nova introduced, 1969 01/25     First U.S. meeting of ALGOL definition committee, 1958
01/26     EDVAC demonstrated, 1952 01/31     Hewlett-Packard founded, 1939
02/11     Last day of JOSS service at RAND Corp., 1966
02/14     First micro-on-a-chip patented …