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SQL delete value in a column

Deleting a value in a column can be done in multiple ways in SQL, mileage will always vary. If you have been working in SQL for quite some time and you were able to get the pinch of SQL then single liner statements can be done easily.
Deleting a single field or a single value in a column that matches a string or data using SQL is a daunting task, so it's better to practice with a dummy data before executing the statement on a production database or else inadvertent consequences  might happen.
One liner statement below will delete a value that matches the variable in query. Below is a PHP statemen that will delete a value in a column that matches the variable supplied on the statement.
The “.”, dot or period is a concatenation operator for strings in PHP.
"DELETE FROM `Table_Name`WHERE column_name = " . " ' " . $variable_query . " ' ";
Replace Table_Name with the actual table name and the column_name also with the actual column name.
The $variable_qu…

Excel filter option cannot be found

Working in a large data set in Excel but filter option cannot be seen or found even clicking the sort and filter option multiple times, the drop-down filtering options is nowhere to be found.
Well, just get back to the very basic steps. If it can’t be seen then it might be hidden, right?
So, when working in a large data set but some other rows is not needed and need to be hidden. Just leave the first row visible and do not hide it, then hide other rows.
The drop down filter option is in row 1, so if it is hidden then of course the drop down filter will also go with it.
To unhide row 1 or cell a1, press Ctrl + G. The go to options window will pop-up, type: A1 to go to cell A1. (see pic below)

Then, press ctrl+shift+9 to unhide the row. Or click on the format menu options and select unhide. (see pic below for excel 2016). Then the filter option will be displayed.

The keyboard shortcut I think will work on other versions of Excel.
If you need the filter option in Excel, row 1 must never be hid…

Symbolic link in windows 10

Ever heard of symbolic links in Linux? Yes, for Linux guys it’s quite common to hear this terminology. But wait, Windows has it also.
Why would you need symbolic links in Windows? It can be used for what purpose?
Onedrive for business or even a free onedrive application, does not support adding custom folders instead you need to save your files to be synced on the onedrive folders provided by the onedrive application of course. It’s on the path c:\users\onedrive\'Desktop', c:\users\onedrive\'Documents', etc.
So, if you need custom folders to be synced to cloud using onedrive, Mklink command in windows which is used to create symbolic links can help on this scenario by creating a directory junction on the onedrive user folder.
That’s one purpose that I can think of that Mklink command, is quite useful.
At command prompt typing, mklink /? will display how the command can be used. (see image below)

What does the help means in laymen definition?
Let’s try to define it in a much s…