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Powershell Get specific property for Active Directory

One liner command to check and get Active Directory Properties using  Powershell.   Check which Active Directory properties is set or not set for a particular user or all users in Active Directory.

Below is a command to check which user or users has  an email address in the user object properties and it will also display which user don't have email address set  or accounts which has no email address set.
get-aduser -filter * -properties * | select mail, name
Of course depends on which properties you like to check you can just replace the mail and name properties on the command shown above.
Above command will display the email address if set on the user object property, if the user object property does not display an email address basically there is no email address  set on the object.
An example below on how the command output looks like:

mail                                                name
----                                                ----           …

Outlook VBA Calendar Summary

Outlook VBA Code snippet to list all the appointment or any items set on the calendar.
After searching all the items on the calendar a new email will open that lists all the items on the calendar
on the date range specified.

To change the date range just change this parameters:

StringToCheck = "[Start] >= '" & ("02/01/2014 12:00 AM") & _
     "' AND [End] <= '" & ("02/28/2014 11:59 PM") & "'"

Or can just insert a user form and set the calendar to  pop up, so it will be easier to set the date range.

The recipient will be the email address of the current user running this code snippet.

This will need to enable Developer tab on Outlook and choose to create a new macro to run this code snippet.

It's good to have a list of outlook calendar summary for all the appointments and you can send it to someone or have it printed.

Output of course output depends on what you have inputted to the calendar.


Task Manager menu options missing

Missing options on task manager?

Windows hit by a virus?

Puzzled why all of a sudden the menu and tab options are gone.

Missing options in task manager, is due to "Tiny footprint" feature.

Check out this link from Microsoft site:

The link discusses about Tiny footprint mode of task manager.

On how to activate or use the "Tiny footprint" mode of task manager.

You just need to double click on the empty spaces on task manager.

To disable the "Tiny footprint" you just need to double click also on the empty spaces.

And menu bar and tabs will be visible again.

Linux Android App cheat sheet: