How to insert landscape orientation in Word?

If you are writing a thesis, a report or an article that you need to insert a landscape layout in a specific page in Word document but your orientation all long is portrait and changing the orientation causes the whole layout to change.

Inserting landscape in a specific page in a word document can be done by inserting section breaks.
Let’s just make a basic example.

Let’s say you have 3 page document and you want that first page in Portrait mode, second page in landscape and third page in portrait layout also.

First, click on “home” tab, click the “show/hide paragraph marks” option or see the icon below. Enabling this option the section breaks, spaces and tabs will be visible. But what we are interested is to see the “section breaks”.

In the first page position the cursor on the last area at the bottom of the page.

In Word 2010, click on “page layout” in the ribbon tab. Click on “breaks” and select “next page”.
In the second page, position also the cursor at the middle or bottom of the page and click on “page layout”, click on “breaks” and select “next page”.

Since we need to change the orientation of the second page as landscape, click on “page layout”, and click on “orientation” and select “landscape”.

After changing the orientation, the section break might go down to the third page and third page will change also to landscape orientation. To remedy this scenario just go to page 2 and keep pressing the delete button until the section break is position at page 2.

And once everything goes fine, and then inserting landscape orientation in page 2 is successful.

Here are the steps in screen shot:

1.  Click “show/hide paragraph marks”

2. Position the cursor where the section break will be placed and insert “next page” section break.

3. Do the same thing on the page where the orientation will be changed, insert “next page” section break.

After inserting the second section break, change the layout to landscape.

After changing the orientation and the section break goes down to the next page, then do the old school method, position the cursor on the page were landscape has to be set and keep pressing delete until the section break is position on that page.

4. If everything is successful, you will have similar output to this image below.

Cheers..till next time!


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