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How to print double sided in Excel

VBA Duplex Printing in Excel 2010

In my previous post I have shown how to manually print duplex using Excel 2010.

Using VBA we can set the printer settings in duplex mode and print.

Microsoft engineers are kind enough to show some code on how we can achieve it.

The code sample on the links provided below is for Microsoft Word but it also works on Excel as well.

Here's the link: Set Duplex Printing via VBA

In the link above, there is an instruction on how to use the code.

Open Excel and click on Developer Tab. If Developer tab is not yet enable on your Excel.

The quick way to enter code is to right click on the name of the worksheet (like right click on "Sheet 1") and you will see "View Code".

Click on "View Code" and it will open up the Visual Basic editor.

The instruction on the Microsoft link above is to "Insert a Module".

Create or Insert a Module, then copy the code on the link above that starts with "Option Explicit

Public Type P…