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PowerShell Test Password complexity

Checking password whether it meets complexity using PowerShell.
Tweak or modify the script according to your own standard.
This can be used to check password complexity, on Active Directory user password.
The only thing it will not check whether the user account is also included on the string.
But the script will test the following:
- Check if the password is at least 9 characters in length - Check if the password is alphanumeric - Check if the password has upper case and lower case combination - Check if the password has at least 1 special character on it
And the script will also display what are the missing characters it needs to meet the password complexity.
For example: if the password does not contain numbers, or it does not contain special characters. The script will display the error/s on what the user needs to do to meet a complex password.
Copy and paste the script to PowerShell ISE for testing. Here’s the script:

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