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Powershell My Picture folder lists and file size

This PowerShell code below, will get the lists of all the pictures and files on the "My Pictures" folder.

It will also include the file size for each picture or file.

The code will sort by file size and type.

So jpg, bmp and png files will be sorted according to its file size.

Here's the code:

$xFiles = [Environment]::GetFolderPath('MyPictures') 
$yItems =Get-ChildItem -Recurse -af $xFiles  | Select-Object "Name","Length" 
foreach ($yyItems in $yItems) {
$xyLength = $yyItems.Length / 1mb
$xstringLength = $xyLength.ToString().substring(0,5)
write-host $yyItems.Name "----" $xstringLength  "MB"

To sort using command line, check out link below:

Hope it helps!!! Cheers!

Unable to print word 2010 document

Assuming the printer is setup properly, and able to print from PDF, notepad or other software and also able to print from printer driver test page.
But when printing a specific word document in Word 2010, it will just show "Not responding" the document will hang and will not print.
There is no restriction set on the document but cannot print.
Try steps below:

Click on the "File" tab, click on the "Review" menu.
From the "Review" tab, select "tracking" change the option from:
"Final: Show Markup" to "Final".

Check image below:

Save the document or save it to a different file name.
And try printing again, if everything goes right the document will be able to print.
Paper tray settings will also cause a problem with printing the document.

Documents from another party that retain printer settings on the document will not print if the printer of the other party does not have same settings on what is currently retain on …

Android R not generated

Ever encountered why Android R is not generated?
One quick solution is to delete the “gen” folder hoping, that it will be generated again since the folder is auto generated. But it works sometimes.. 
But if Android will not auto generate the R and problem will be not washed away.
And after deletion the problem still exists, and even after cleaning the project.
So now what?
If the XML in the "res" folder, such as the "layout" XML and "drawables" XML (drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi etc..) if the XML has errors on any of these folders, it will cause R not to be generated.
If the XML are all okay and still R is not generated. 
Then open the drawables folder, if any of the PNG or any images its filenames has to be in lower case and filenames should only contain lower case letters and numbers.
So images on the drawable folders which has Upper Case letters will cause the R not to be generated.
File names of images on the drawable folder which has symbols will also cause …

Folder Redirection still points to old server

Folder Redirection still points to old server for Windows 7.

A quick work around is to create a hosts file on the workstation with the old server name but the IP Address points to the new server.

Be sure to make a backup of the users folder before making any changes.

DON'T MAKE an A record (or a host record) on the DNS server for the  old server, or you will end up with a disaster. Just the hosts file on the workstation.

Hope it helps.. :)