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Check Domain Controller Replication

PowerShell check NIC Driver Version and other Information

Below is a PowerShell code that uses the Get-WMIObject cmdlet and Win32_NetworkAdapter WMI class to check driver version, Description, Manufacturer, driver date, and signer or the publisher of the driver.
Win32_NetworkAdapter WMI class is used to get the information about the Network Adapters available or installed on a server or computer.
To dig more about, Win32_NetworkAdapter WMI class check this link:
PowerShell cmdlets are commented on how the script works to get the data about the Network Adapter.
The gwmi or Get-WMIObject by default its output has a lot of trailing spaces.
PowerShell has trim and replace functionality to get rid of the trailing spaces.
Copy and paste the code below, and use PowerShell ISE to do a test run.
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
#Server - change to the server name or computer name where the information will be taken
# "." will indicate the current Computer where the scrip…

Excel VBA compare two columns

How to compare two columns in Excel?
Comparing two columns in Excel for the same or different values is quite easy or can even be done manually.
Manual compare is ideal if trying to compare, few lines of data but it will not be a good idea if there are hundreds or thousands of rows that needs to be compare against another column.
Below is an Excel VBA code on how to compare two columns. This VBA code will only compare values side by side.
There are some other factors that needs to be considered when comparing data if VBA will be used for comparison.
One issue would be data consistency, on how the data has been inputted or typed into Excel.
Leading and trailing spaces will also play a big factor when VBA or an Excel Macro is used to compare.
For example if the cell has the same value and if it is manually compared of course the user who is comparing manually will notice that its equal or the cells contains same value; If space/s is not a concern.
But for VBA comparison, a cell with a space an…

How to recite the Rosary?

Recite the Rosary every day.

Do A.S.A.P. > Always Say A Prayer

Say the Rosary every day, and we will be closer to Mary's son Jesus Christ.
As Padre Pio quoted that the, "Rosary is The Weapon".
St. Francis de Sales said the greatest method of praying IS-Pray the Rosary.
"The Rosary is a treasure of graces" - Pope Paul V
"The Rosary is the scourge of the devil" - Pope Adrian VI

Reciting the Rosary has always been a part of my Catholic life.
Pray and ask for help, for He has said "Apart from me you can do nothing."

If  you need a guide on how to recite the Rosary:
Please check out the Rosary guide on Google Play store on the link below:
The Rosary Android app guide is free.
Recite the Rosary every day or much better as often as your time allows.
Pray for poor sinners around the world.
As a Catholic or as a Christian, Miracles are easy to believe.
A quote from the movie of Saint Bernad…

Set Active Directory User Properties via PowerShell

Below is an example on how to set programmatically the Active Directory object using PowerShell script.
This will come handy if there's a need to edit or set AD User object properties.
To edit one or two can be done manually, but to set 100 or thousands user object properties can be time consuming and prone to mistakes.
But since PowerShell will carry the entire burden on the background, then life will be easier.
To start the script, open a Notepad and set the Active Directory User Name and other object user properties that need to be changed, updated or add a new data to it.
For example if you want to set telephone numbers and addresses for all users in Active Directory. Using a script will be the best option rather than doing it manually.

In this example, Telephone Number and Address will be set via script using PowerShell script.

Open  Notepad and set the details of the user telephone number and address that will be set.

Data format of the notepad will be, Active Directory Use…